Flowers are presented to loved ones to help express human emotions. Roses are some flowers that can be given to anyone at any time, either to communicate your undying love or to appreciate a friend. Flowers are a representation of love and affection but nobody expects you to go over and above with spending on flowers. Even a single stem of Rose is enough to make somebody ecstatic. If you gift flowers to your loved ones keeping the symbolic meanings of flowers in mind, your present will become even more meaningful.

We’ve all grown up witnessing the common practice of exchanging flowers as gifts, whether firsthand, in movies, or everyday life. Whether it’s seeing dad give mom flowers every year on her birthday to brighten her day, mom bringing flowers to cheer up a sick friend in the hospital, friends sending flowers as a sign of congratulations on an engagement, graduation, promotion, etc. But why do we even gift flowers, you ask? Read on to find out.

The Psychology Behind Gifting Flowers

Flowers affecting mental health

There are many reasons why we gift flowers:

To convey emotions: The most common purpose for giving flowers as a gift is to express an emotion. Flowers are a beautiful way to express your deepest sentiments, whether it’s love, joy, affection, gratitude, sympathy, romance, or apologies. The emotions that flowers make you feel, the symbolic meanings behind them, the act of selecting the flowers, and the moment they are given to somebody. All these factors come together to give you and your loved ones the rare experience of a lifetime.

Instant happiness: The immediate enjoyment you get when you receive flowers is one of the finest things about it. Even when you’re the one doing the giving, the sentiments of joy are priceless. The sense of immediate joy that goes hand in hand with giving flowers as a present for special occasions. What are the flowers you would like to receive on your birthday? What color? Which scent? A crazy design maybe? There are so many options! Wow! Let’s begin your journey into the realm of floral fantasy right now!

The History of Gifting Flowers

Symbolic meaning of flowers as historical art

While it can’t be pinpointed the precise period when someone first gave someone else a flower, we do know that humans have been giving flowers to one another since ancient times. Flower petal remains have been discovered in many prehistoric cemetery sites, demonstrating that it was already a component of human civilization. 

History, myths, and stories show that flowers were a significant element of social traditions in ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt. During these times, the most frequent way for people to express their thoughts was through flowers. Furthermore, Greek mythology is replete with references to specific flowers representing gods and goddesses. The custom of offering flowers persisted into the Middle Ages, particularly among the English and French. It is thought that the practice of assigning a meaning to each species of the flower began in Europe when it was observed in Turkey.

Victorians thought it impolite to express feelings in words during the Victorian era. People expressed their feelings by giving flower bouquets. Furthermore, the Victorians had several flower-giving customs. For example, if someone purchased a beautiful bouquet of roses from a florist and delivered it to the recipient upside down, the recipient would be furious. This is because when the florist delivered the bouquet upside down, it represented anger.

With the stories involving Greek mythology, Victorians

The Symbolic Meaning Of Different Flowers

Symbolic Meaning Of Tulips, roses, peonies and orchids

What do Roses & Peonies symbolise?

  • Roses: Roses are perfect for any occasion or purpose – usually seen in bouquets and the most popular on Valentine’s Day, the rose is the embodiment of emotion! Roses have been the ultimate choice to suit the requirements and needs of all types of festivities as well as people, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or any other event. William Shakespeare, the famous playwright, once said, “Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. However, because each color of rose has a different meaning, it’s crucial to do your research before giving one as a gift.
  • Peonies: Peony blossoms are symbolic of a variety of things all across the world! Peonies have come to represent shyness as a result of the Greek story of Paeonia the nymph. Fairies would come and place a curse on you if you pulled up a peony, Victorians believed. Some people even believe that allowing peony leaves to dry up and the blossoms to fade will bring bad luck. An odd blossom of the flower also brings about bad luck. But even if all these negative superstitions are true, there are as many positive ones.

Another story goes, the peony is also believed to be named after Paeon, the Greek Dr. of the gods. in step with the legend, Paeon was a student of Graeco-Roman deity, the god of medicine. Once Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto. Graeco-Roman became jealous of his abilities and tried to kill him. To save Paeon, Pluto reworked him into a paeony, as a result, he knew Peonies was a flower that folks would admire and praise. Thus, Peonies also mean compassion

What do Tulips & Orchids symbolise?

  • Tulips: Tulips are known for their vibrant colors, which make them one of the most popular and easily recognized flowers on the planet. The Tulip has a lot of hidden symbolic meanings of flowers. Tulip is a genus of the lily family but even so are the most well-known for ‘Perfect love’ in general, whereas lilies symbolize ‘Purity’. Every color, on the other hand, has its unique meaning. Purple Tulips represent monarchy, while crimson Tulips are a typical sign of passionate love. White tulips, on the other hand, provide a message of forgiveness, while Yellow tulips are presented to spread joy.
  • Orchids: Orchids, one of the most exotic flowers and a favorite of many ladies, connote remarkable beauty, elegance, delicacy, luxury, and strength. These flowers are of a unique kind that you found all over the world. The symbolic meanings of orchid flowers of various colors are different; for example, pink Orchids represent grace, femininity, and joy, but white Orchids represent purity and innocence.

No matter the reason, the history, or the psychology, keep gifting flowers. Be kind and generous and compassionate. So the next time you pass a flower store, don’t hesitate to buy some for your kin. You can also shop from our store and avail exciting discounts. Pro Tip: Buy some chocolates to go with them. Check out our exciting offers! Hurry up!

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