Are you looking for the unique gifting ideas in Dubai for your loved ones? Everyone loved a romantic and budget-friendly surprise on the special occasion. Gift ideas would definitely make your loved one truly happy so it is necessary to choose something different to inspire them instantly. Some people choose to buy the generic gifts that are from usual souvenir shops or that are at the airport. However, when you like to buy a unique souvenir for your loved ones then it is necessary to search something seriously. Making a meaningful gift would be a great option so it is necessary to analyse the gift and get them accordingly. When you like to impress your loved one with the serious gifting ideas then you have come to the right place that is listed here. In fact, these distinct souvenirs are the perfect reminders of the beautiful time in the Dubai – “City of Gold”.

Camel Milk Chocolate:

Camel Milk Chocolate is one of the sweet home-grown delicacies available in Dubai. Camel Milk Chocolate is quite exclusively available in recent days and they were exported to the European as well as other Asian countries. Camel milk chocolate bars are available in 5 varieties that includes: 

  • Whole Milk

  • Macadamia

  • Dates

  • 70% Cocoa

  • Spiced (Arabia)

Beautiful looking camel-shaped chocolates are suitable for perfect and providing the quick souvenirs. Camel Milk Chocolate is easy to manage at any temperature. This could be one of the unique gifting ideas in Dubai for your loved one’s.

Dubai Dates (Dried Fruits):

Dried Fruit Dates are the best of the Middle Eastern culture. Dates also play the prominent role during the Ramadan period where people used to share during the end of their fast. Dried fruit dates act as a source for the fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium when compared to others. Doctors also recommend the patients eat more Dried fruit dates as it has number of health benefits with providing adequate energy. Choosing to gift fresh and gourmet dates would be a great option for easily giving more health benefits fruit to your loved ones. There are more than 20 varieties of dates available that include Khidri, Sokari, Kholas, Madjool and many more. Gifting your loved ones with the hazelnut bars and almond would be a great option.

Persian Rugs & Carpets:

The Persian Rugs & Carpets are quite expensive but it would quite a remembrance for the rest of your life. These are considered as the best investment so it is necessary to check on the quality as well as authenticity when you choose for gifting. For getting the highest quality carpets, it is necessary to check on the best shops that offer the traditional design.

Persian carpets

Oudh and Bakhoor:

You could have noticed the distinct aroma of traditional oudh or bakhoor while exploring Dubai. Bakhoor is agar wood chips that are mainly used for burning for producing the aroma which would efficiently permeate entire room. Bakhoor is also considered as the best alternative for the candles as well as incense. Oudh is the expensive fragrance oil that is mainly derived from the agar wood resin. Oudh is mesmerising scent gift that is mainly available as pure oil and mixed oil of Oudh with floral oils such as jasmine and rose.

Arabic Attars (Perfume Oil):

Do you want to impress your loved one with perfume? Attar is the essential oil that is mainly derived from the plant sources. Arabic Attars are alcohol-free perfumes widely used by men and women in Dubai. Numerous Attars are available in the city so it would be quite easier to choose the best one suited. Choosing the branded version of the popular perfume would be a great way.

Pashmina Shawls:

Pashmina Shawls are made up of cashmere produced from the hair of goats. Cashmere is blended with about 30% silk for producing the soft and smooth fabrics. Real Pashmina Shawls are quite expensive. Pashmina Shawls is a great gift for everyone and most women prefer to choose them. For getting the authenticity of the shawl, it is quite easier to pull the whole shawl with the ring and it would pass through much easier. In fact, you could hold the shawl that is made up of viscose that is passed as real pashmina. Silk or viscose versions are not expensive so you can opt for them when you are on tight budget.

Gold Jewellery:

Gold could be an ultimate souvenir when you visit your loved ones from Dubai. Gold Jewellery is a lasting gift that is available in various designs. Gold Jewellery also costs much less when compared to other big cities across the world. Gold is a beautiful treasure that enables the perfect gifts for your special people in life whether it can be your parent or spouse. Buying the gold in Dubai would be a great way to impress your loved one on your return.

Coffee And Arabic Coffee Pot:

The long tradition of the beautiful coffee farming in the Middle East is quite amazing and the Arabica Coffee is quite famous here. Arabic coffee cannot be compared with the ordinary coffee drinks and it is highly regarded as the best option for getting instant energy. When you have the Arabic coffee drinking experience then you could efficiently look for the best copper Arabic coffee pots suitable for the daily usage. Arabic Coffee Pot is available and they are designed accordingly which is called as “dallah”. Arabic coffee pots can be used for the decorative purposes and it is quite easier to go for the cheaper option.

Arabic coffee pot

Dubai Spices:

When you like to bring home beautiful flavors of the Dubai along with you then you could be interested in choosing the best spices as a gift. Getting the stunning treasure trove of rare spices is quite the best way. Strong aromas would definitely make meals flavourful however, it could also make carry-on luggage smell bad.

Dubai spices

Hookah Pipe/Shisha Pipe:

Hookah and Shisha Pipe are used as the amazing practice of smoking a tobacco substance with bowl or pipe called a hookah. Hookah and Shisha are mixed up to be the same and hence the term used. Hookah is the pipe used for smoking Shisha.

Shisha pipe/hookah pipe

I am sure you must have loved these unique gifting ideas in Dubai for your loved one’s. You can give quality gift to your family,friends or special person in Dubai which they will remember always. So just try these outstanding gifting ideas and make your people feel special.