Every special occasion calls for something sweet to celebrate and create beautiful memories. And what better than cakes so gorgeous that they can instantly light up the ambience. Today, cakes have become essential in every event and celebration. From anniversaries to birthdays, baby showers to graduation, Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day, every occasion is incomplete without a stunning, delectable cake. With their wide range of flavors, patterns, themes, and sizes, cakes are the perfect way to express your emotions to your loved ones. 

After the last one and a half years of staying at home, there is a lot of catching up to do! And maybe 2022 can be your year to host the perfect party with the most mesmerizing, delectable cake. We have all seen a tremendous shift in cake patterns and designs in the last few years. From a simple round cake in a single flavor to multi-tiered cakes in various themes, colours, and tastes, the cake industry has come a long way! So let’s look at the top trending cakes that will become the highlight of your grand celebrations in 2022. 

1. Trending Colour Cakes for the Perfect Colour Pop!

There is nothing more beautiful than cakes in various gorgeous colours. From beautiful pastel colours like blue, pink, purple, and yellow to blues and greens inspired by nature, these colour cakes can make any celebration more vibrant and joyous. The various colour palettes you can try in 2022 include:-

Power Surge: Infuse glamour to your cakes with a rich palette of vibrant colours and vivid contrasts. 

Rainbow Color Cake

Intoxicating: Pair the soothing shades together like a deep yellow, fragrant pink, crisp aqua, sweet-scented lavender, creamy white, and cool green. 

Multi Color Cake

Summer Bouquet: Create a fresh summer palette to evoke positivity and happiness with the colours of nature like herbal greens and exotic pinks. 

Green & Pink Edible Flower Cake

2. Glitter Cakes – Adding a Lil Bling to Your Occasions!

Glitter Cake for Parties and Wedding

Are you looking for a cake for your fancy party? Nothing screams class and elegance more than a bit of glitter! For your special shimmery parties, this is the perfect shimmery cake. The cake is sprinkled with glitter to make it shine out in the crowd. No, do not fret! These cakes are made of edible glitters that are totally safe to eat and provide just a glittery appeal to your cakes. Perfect for birthday parties and bridal showers, you can even add glitter to just one tier and leave the rest simple and plain. 

3. Watercolour Cakes – Full of Elegance and Style!

Hand Printed Water Color Cake

Other than decorating the cakes with flowers and ribbons, another top trending cake is the watercolour cake. Now you can personalise your wedding and birthday cakes with hand paintings of flowers, abstract designs, the place where you first met, quotes, messages, and much more. Yes, you heard it right! You can even have splashes of watercolours all over it to give your cake a vibrant and cheerful look. Using edible watercolour paints, you can get anything painted on the white icing base of your gorgeous cakes. You definitely got to try this one in the new year. 

4. Black Buttercream Cakes – Nothing Screams Class Like Black!

Black Butter Creme Cake

Yes, colourful cakes are breathtaking, but there’s something utterly unique about black. Who doesn’t love black? Nothing can beat a black buttercream cake for a power-pact impact. It is a beautiful black canvas where colourful candy embellishments and sugar crystals can truly pop. Oh, and decorating the cake with gold metallic paint makes this cake a sight to behold. 

5. Marble Cakes – Gold Leaf, Monochromatic Colours, And More!

Marble Cakes With Golden Leaf and Pink Flower

Marbled Cakes are one of the top trending cakes that can make your decorations a tad more beautiful. With the marbled effect of gold paint and monochromatic colours, these cakes will sweep your loved ones right off their feet. What would make these cakes even more stunning is floral decoration and a marbled effect on the inside as well! These are the most elegant and dramatic cakes you definitely need to get your hands on in 2022. 

6. Chocolate Overload Cakes… YES!

Overloaded Chocolate in Chocolate Cake Itself

Are you the one who just can’t get enough chocolates? Then this cake is the one for you! Pretty evident from the name, the cake is full of chocolate, and more of it, and still some more! Topping a rich chocolate cake with anything and everything chocolate, aren’t you already drooling? Add all you could think of from choco chips, syrup drips, candy bars, cookies, macarons, and much more. With these chocolate overload cakes, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate! 

7. Fancy Flavour Cakes – Double the Flavour, Double the Fun!

Yes, we know chocolate, red velvet, butterscotch, and other flavours are great. But trying the same flavours time and again can get a little boring, right? So how about trying something unique in the new year? Mix two different flavours to treat your taste buds with unusual flavours that actually taste good. Some delectable delicacies that you can try in 2022 include:-

  • Caramel Apple Coffee Cake: Not one or two, but a blend of three delectable flavours has got to take your taste buds on a roll. A cake with apple and coffee filling and caramel icing will make all your special occasions unforgettable.
Caramel and Apple Double Flavour Cake
  • Mint Chocolate Cake: The magical delight of chocolate blended with the refreshing flavour of mint, this is an easy-to-bake cake that will leave your loved ones stunned!
Chocolate & Mint Cake
  • Coconut Guava Cake: This is the perfect tropical island feels cake. This yummy coconut guava cake will become the talking point of all your celebrations, for sure!
Coconut & Guava Double Flavour Cake

8. Half and Half Cakes – Fusion of Flavours and Designs!

Hlaf Chocolate and Half Pineapple Cake

Is it becoming difficult to decide on a single flavour? Well, obviously, there is the option of blending both flavours. However, if the two flavours do not go well with each other, then Half and Half cakes are your ideal choice. This is one of the top trending cakes today, where you can get two flavours in a single cake. Or maybe if you and your partner cannot decide on a single design, you can get both! Think out of the box, explore your creativity, and make your half and half cakes turn quite some heads on your grand celebration. 

9. Naked or Nude Cakes – Providing the Perfect Rustic Look!

Naked Cake With Strawberry Topping

Quirky and unusual, these cakes are left bare of icing. These cakes do not have an outer frosting or icing layer, leaving them quite literally naked! The different fillings, toppings, and textures of these naked cakes make them perfect for bohemian weddings and every other event requiring a rustic touch! They look absolutely mesmerising and oh-so-beautiful after topping them with berries, flowers, and fruits.

10. Dripping Cakes – With Macarons and Flowers!

Lot of Chocolate dipped in Chocolate Cake

An absolute crowd-pleaser, these dripping cakes are masterpieces adorned with drips of yummy frosting and ganache. These cakes are perfect for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries and engagements to weddings. You can even get drips in pastel colours or contrast with the colours of your cake. And to make the cakes even more stunning, top them with macarons, chocolate bars, and flowers… and there, you have the most beautiful looking cake of all time! 

11. Hidden Pattern Cakes – With a Surprise Inside!

Hiddem Heart Pattern Cake

Want to create a little mystery and surprise for your better half on fun-filled occasions? Then these are the cakes for you. Some creative designs or pretty patterns are hidden inside the cake, which is revealed once the cake is cut. Some of the popular patterns hidden inside the cakes include hearts, animal prints, and cartoons. 

12. Theme Cakes – A Cake in the Shape of Anything You Like!

Frozen Princess Theme Cake

Having cakes in the shape of things you like; who wouldn’t want that? Theme-based cakes are those top trending cakes that never go out of style! Everyone adores a themed cake, from your kid to your parents. From a car or princess cake for your children to a Harry Potter or Unicorn cake for your girlfriend, themed cakes are an all-time favourite that can make your celebrations a tad more special and your loved ones a lot happier. 

Cakes That Will Melt Your Heart!

Nothing can beat the sweetness and excitement of a delectable cake on every occasion. And these top trending cakes are to die for! We are sure these cakes will make you crave more! As the new year is almost around the corner, start making the list of your favourite cakes that you would like to try in 2022.

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