It feels like yesterday when you promised each other forever, the day you vowed to stick by each other through thick and thin. And before you know it, the first year of adventures is over! The first year is quite literally the honeymoon phase, where you get to fulfill all your wishes and tick every item off your bucket list. We are sure you don’t want to miss out on all the fun you can have in these beautiful 365 days of your life. So if you are looking to make the first year of your marriage exciting and cheerful and uniquely celebrate your first anniversary, we have some of the most romantic ways to celebrate married life.

Read on and make your way towards a year filled with love, romance, togetherness, cuddles, and adventures. 

The Most Romantic Ways to Celebrate Married Life

Walk Down the Memory Lane

 Couple walking beside a sandy beach

First-year anniversaries are always special, and the first year of marriage is filled with exciting adventures. We don’t think there is a more romantic way to celebrate married life than recollecting the memories of dates, food, places, people, and experiences! You can spend a perfect day visiting your favourite places together all over again and grab dinner at your go-to place. Relive your first kiss, first dance, and all other firsts to celebrate the year of laughter and giggles. And as for the gift, you can give your partner an album of all the pictures you clicked together throughout the year, relishing the moment and realizing how far you’ve come together. 

Plan the Perfect Cooking Date

Cooking Date at home

For all the foodie couples out there, you know what it’s worth! Yes, going to a fancy restaurant and having candlelight dinners are romantic but trust us, nothing beats the romance of cooking together. You can cook the dish you had on your first date or a dish you both wanted to try for a long time. Even better, try cooking or experimenting with random ingredients (do not forget to order something delicious for backup, just in case!). And if you both are a little competitive in love, you can even challenge each other to try a recipe of your choice. Sure, the kitchen would be a mess, but you can take care of it in the morning, right!

Set Up a Movie Marathon Under the Stars

Movie Marathon under the stars

Do you want to celebrate your anniversary stargazing, but your spouse prefers movies? Do not fret! Well, stargazing and watching movies are two of the most romantic ways to celebrate married life. So how about putting the two together and having the perfect movie date night under the stars! Set up a projector, drinks, and snacks in your backyard or garden, get cosy under the blanket and there, you have your perfect romantic date. Even if you cannot organize this set-up yourself, you can go to a drive-in or any other outdoor place hosting a movie night. 

Go on a Second Honeymoon (But a Spontaneous One)

Couple enjoying their second honeymoon

What better way to end the first year of your marriage with a vacation at your favourite place! Amidst the hassles of work and life, your first anniversary can be the perfect occasion to relax and spend some alone time together. If you two are fun and a spontaneous couple who loves to do unplanned, exciting things, then this is your cue to pack your bags and leave for an exciting road trip or stay cation. Book a room with a beautiful view, stay away from phones and social media, relish delicious delicacies, explore the city, and have a perfect weekend. 

Learn Something New Together 

Couple learning to play piano together

Couples who learn together, stay together! We are not really sure who said this, but we most definitely believe it to be true. The best way to bond is to experiment with something new together. And on top of that, you come across various hobbies and activities that you can do together as a couple throughout your life. Learn anything that sparks the interest in both of you, from a new language and craft to cooking and gardening. So what are you waiting for? Explore the myriad of exciting activities and enroll yourself for a roller-coaster of an experience ahead. 

Have a Romantic Photo Shoot

Romantic Photoshoot

We haven’t heard of such a thing as too many photos! Everyone loves capturing special moments with the people you adore in photographs! And when it’s your first anniversary, it sounds like an even more exciting idea, right? So here’s what you should do… go to all the places in the city that hold a special meaning for you, like where you had your first date or where you said I Love You for the first time. Ask someone to click you two together there and make an album of all the pictures from the first anniversary of your marriage. Or you can simply book a professional to take your cute and romantic snaps.

Arrange a Rooftop Picnic With a Beautiful View

Young man embracing his girlfriend while sitting on roof and pointing at city scape

All that matters on your anniversary is spending time with your significant other. If you or your partner cannot take the whole day off from work, picnics can be your perfect date idea and a romantic way to celebrate married life. If you want a more vibrant and cheerful date with the sun on your skin, you can plan the picnic in the daytime. On the other hand, plan your picnic at night under the stars if a romantic date is what you are looking for. Order food, set up music and wine glasses, and play games for a fun-filled celebration. 

Play Some Romantic Songs and Dance the Night Away 

Couple dancing in the club

Are you into dancing? If yes, then get ready because this one is for you. But even if you are not, put on your dancing shoes because there is no one to judge! Dim the lights, play soft songs and get grooving with the love of your life. Or if you are more of a fun couple, play loud, party songs and break into the freestyle mode and have a ball on your anniversary celebration. You can even go out clubbing, have a couple of drinks, sing karaoke, laugh, and be grateful to be on each other’s side on this special day. Trust us; you will remember this one crazy night for the rest of your life!

Go Out for a Couple’s Spa Day

Couple enjoying their Spa

Everyone needs some relaxation from the daily routine and exhaustion of work. And if you are unable to take out a lot of time to relax, what better occasion than the most romantic day of your life, the day you got married! Book a couple’s spa for you and your spouse. Spend some quality time together getting massages and feeling pampered. Get relieved of the stress, talk about random things and spend your anniversary feeling relaxed and cheerful. So without further delay, book yourself a spa and surprise your loved one on your anniversary. 

Renew Your Wedding Vows in the Same Place

Wedding Vows in the Same Place

Making your vows was probably the most memorable moment of your marriage. So if you want a romantic way to celebrate married life, then this is it! Visit the place where you got married or any other place you love and renew your vows, spending a romantic time together. Reliving this special moment can help you strengthen your bond and remind you of the love you two have for each other. To make it more fun and cheerful, you can even test whether the other person remembers the vows they made at the wedding, and you can promise to work on the ones you weren’t able to achieve in the first 365 days of your marriage. 

Shower Them With a Whole Lot of Gifts and Surprises

Lot of Gifts and Surprises

Anniversaries are all about showering love, warmth, and care for the love of your life. And what better way to make each other feel extra special than a myriad of surprises and gifts. Plan a romantic treasure hunt. Leave cute little inside jokes in different places of the house and plant gifts that will make your wife or husband’s day memorable. You can get a range of flowers, chocolates, cakes, and teddy bears to make your scavenger hunt the most exciting moment of your year and the perfect romantic way to celebrate married life. 

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