Christmas is just around the corner. It is the most beautiful time of the year for many of us. The jingle bells have already started jingling in the back of our minds. These last-minute Christmas DIY gifts are here to help you in your time of need. The Christmas cheer spreads a wave of ecstasy and joy among us all. It is a moment to spend time with the people who matter most in your life — friends and family. 

You want to take this opportunity to appreciate the innocence and warmth that human connections bring in a sometimes lonely world. And what is a better way to do this than surprising our loved ones with Christmas gifts and that too handmade, which would mean so much to the recipients! Therefore, we have decided to present before you a compilation of last-minute DIY gift ideas for friends and family that you can pull off in less than an hour (sometimes even without breaking a sweat)

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Last-minute Christmas DIY Gifts – Hot Chocolate Spoons

Last minute Christmas gift ideas - Chocolate spoons

There is no way you are the only person who thinks about Christmas and then thinks of ”hot chocolate.” They go hand-in-hand. To make hot chocolate spoons, start by melting your chocolate, pour it into the ice tray, preferably into alternate compartments, as it is so hard to pull them out without breaking. Stick in the popsicles and generously drizzle on some crushed-up candy canes. Throw them into the fridge for 40 minutes. Once done, wrap them up in a clear wrap and put a ribbon around. They turn out to be super delicious when dunked in milk. Plus, they will look so cute and festive! Merry Christmas!

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs

Lush bath bombs are viral Christmas gift ideas, but DIY bath bombs would be worth a lot of appreciation. To make them, you need ½ cup of bicarbonate, ¼ cup of citric acid, and essential oil (the two ingredients that make up the bomb part). You are also going to need ¼ cup of cornstarch. Start mixing them once you have all those ingredients in the bowl for the dry part. You will need your essential oil for the wet part of the ingredients. You don’t want to make the mix too wet. To give a festive feel, you might want to add some food colours. Get the moulds, set the mixture firmly into them, and freeze them for a minimum of 30 minutes. And there you have your awesome bath bombs.

DIY Candles

DIY Candles for christmas

It is the ultimate money-saving gift for Christmas eve. All you need is crayons, a pillar candle, and some essential oils(if you want it to smell good). Meltdown your pillar candle in a bowl to obtain the wick. To colour your candles, add your crayons to the molten candle. Meanwhile, get on your make-shift wick holder, hang the wick into a clear glass jar and pour your molten wax into it. Keep it aside to settle for a few minutes, and you get a fabulous DIY Candle that your mom would undoubtedly adore! You could also improvise to make a snowman candle.

Dollar Crayons

Crayons wrapped with money for Christmas

You would still want to hang on to your crayons because the following DIY gift idea is excellent and straightforward. Kids are used to receiving crayons during Christmas presents, and they can’t stop complaining about it. If you know a kid that loves getting money for Christmas instead of crayons, the perfect way to prank him is to roll up the crayons with dollar bills, put them back into the box. The kid might think he is getting just crayons (again!!!) until they realize they are getting money! Last-minute Christmas DIY gifts to give your nephew or any kid in general. Just get a crayon box and cover the crayons with bills. Easy, quick and will make a great out of the box gift!

A Water Bottle Reminder

Water bottle

Thoughtful and Superfast! If you know a family or a friend who needs to remain hydrated but can’t do so because they don’t have anyone around to keep reminding them, it is the perfect gift you can give to them. It would be better to use a transparent water bottle, grab a marker pen, and sketch a series of marks vertically to indicate the amount of water to finish as the day goes along.

Last-minute Christmas DIY Gifts – Assorted Facemask

Last minute Christmas gift ideas - custom mask

The Covid-19 pandemic has been such a significant disruption in our lives that we should not lower our guards just yet. A facemask, specially sewn at home, would come across as the most practical and impressive gift during this pandemic. Therefore, a facemask with a Christmas theme is just the right DIY gift for the current festival season. No doubt, you can earn some brownie points with whoever you gift them to. You could choose a fabric that goes perfectly with Christmas vibes, keeping the festivity in mind.

A Reusable Calendar


For this DIY gift, all you need is a picture frame and paint chips. Remove the backside of your picture frame and the picture template. Use the template to measure out the new template to be used. Create seven columns for your calendar to make a weekly to-do list or just a monthly calendar. Decide on the colours and arrangement you like and cut anything to size if necessary. Next, glue the painted chip onto the picture frame template one by one. Finally, place the paper back into the frame. Caution the person to use a permanent marker, though.

Customized Pinboard Pins as Last-minute Christmas DIY Gifts

DIY Pinboard Pins for Christmas

With this DIY, you will need any decoration. In this case, we are using butterfly magnets. You will also need plain pinboard pins. Now, all you need to do is attach the hook using some hot glue. Simple enough! For the packaging, take the colourful paper. Crumble it up to look like a flower slightly and place it inside a clear ornament. Poke the pins into the paper one at a time so that everything holds together. You have got cute pinboard pins in a pretty package at the end of it.

Blooming Paper Flowers

Last minute gift ideas for Christmas - Paper flowers

The following last-minute Xmas DIY gift idea is to make beautiful paper flowers with a cute message, affirmation, anything else you might have in mind, or even Christmas greetings. Begin by drawing two small concentric circles with a compass. Now, draw different petals all around the circles. They don’t have to look perfect. Colour them the way you want after cutting them out. To avoid disasters, refrain from using watercolours. To make it more heart-touching, you can add messages to each flower. Fold the petals towards the centre while hiding the news next. Remind the recipient to place the flower into the water see the magic unfold!

Holiday Monogram

A letter monogram wrapped in yarn and a ribbon attached to the top, hung from a door

It can turn out to be an extraordinary gift for someone you care for. For a holiday monogram, you need a wooden letter and some yarn, preferably blanket yarn, as it will go well with the super cold winter of Christmas. Drab the letter entirely with the thread. Once you finish covering, the next step is to stick some jingle bells on it. Instant love! The special person you gift this is bound to find it cute and festive.

Peppermint Pretzel Crisps

Pretzels sticks for Christmas

Sweets are a must for any festival. So, this is the case with Christmas. This DIY Xmas gift idea is something you can pull off instantly! To make some peppermint pretzel crisps, you will require some melted white chocolate. Cover a bunch of pretzel crisps with it. To top them off, you are going to sprinkle some crushed peppermint.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

What better last-minute DIY Christmas gift than a Christmas tree! Start with all the painting. Give your mini pots a coat of white paint, then give your pine cone some greens (to bring it to life!). Decorate your white-coated mini pot with some colourful patterns. Glue the pinecone down. Drizzling a miniature Christmas tree with fake snow can give you those Christmas cheers. Lastly, don’t forget to place a wooden star on the top. 

Good Vibe Pots

Terracota pots decorated with stickers and text written on it with a pen

It might turn out to be your favourite. All you need is some terracotta pots, stickers, and a pen. Stuff your stickers down saying “Good Vibes,” and then dot around on the outside. Lastly, you want to plant some succulents. It is a terrific way of spreading good vibes for the upcoming Christmas season and the New Year.

A Candy Stash

A candy stash for christmas

If the previous gift idea turned out to be a favourite, you might want to reconsider it after knowing about this one. Maybe your friend is really out of sorts with finding a way of hiding her favourite candies, and now she loves you even more for saving her life! All you have to do is fill up a craft organizer with all of your friend’s favourite candy. Short, simple, and intelligent!

Coffee Mug

A quirky quote written on a coffee mug as a Christmas gift

I think we all know a person that is addicted to caffeine. If you know someone obsessed with caffeine, you can put together a little basket filled with all their favourite coffee things. You can also include gift cards, some Christmas blend coffee, and a cute customized mug.

Styrofoam Pone

Styrofoam Candy Tower for Christmas

This next DIY is for all those extra festive people. Instead of giving a box of chocolate, you want to take a styrofoam cone and use some candy bars; adjust all the candy bars on your styrofoam cone with some glue and the best kind of Christmas gift ever! A Candy Christmas Tree!

Summing Up

The practice of sharing gifts has existed since the beginning of human civilization. While most of us share skills naturally without considering their profound implications, donations we choose go a long way in communicating subtle emotions. Giving gifts is quintessentially re-affirming or connecting with our loved ones. Or even make new connections. We hope this article gave you some catchy last-minute DIY Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family that could come in handy in the upcoming Christmas holidays. 

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