Flower baby names for girls

Flower baby names for girls

Since summer is here, blossoms are abundant wherever you look. They fascinate us and bring bliss, scent, and excellence to our lives. These child names enlivened by blossoms are beautiful, and a considerable lot of them are sexually impartial, appropriate for both young men and young ladies. Naming your tyke after a standout amongst the most wonderful things in nature is an exquisite thing. I’m a major devotee of flower baby names.

From Acacia and Rosemary to Anemone and Bryony, these are 50 of the sweetest flower baby names.



Meaning: Thorny

Pronunciation: uh-kay- shuh

Acacia are trees with beautiful yellow flowers that grow in a spherical pattern. These trees symbolise immortality and have medical purposes. This can be the perfect name for any future doctor.


Meaning: To Sparkle
Pronunciation: a-mar-ril-is

Originating in the tropical regions of south america, the amaryllis flower is one of the most beautiful flowers at it’s bloom. It is a traditional flower to use at weddings and can symbolize love and unity.



Meaning: Daughter of the wind
Pronunciation: ah-NEM-oh-nee

The name of Anemone gets its origin from greek mythology. According to the tale, Aphrodite and Adonis in love, but as her lover was mortally wounded, she transformed him into a crimson anemone. A beautiful name for a future traveller.


Meaning: Climbing Plant
Pronunciation: Briy-a-nee

A petit thorny flower, Bryony is used in a lot of folk medicines. It is strong and overcomes many barriers to grow. This is the perfect name for the daughter of anyone who is strong, independent and ambitious.













Meaning: Beautiful

Pronunciation: Ka-La

Calla Lilies are beautiful long stemmed flowers with traditionally white , cupped petals at the end.


Meaning: Burning Bright
Pronunciation: Cill-o-sia

The celosia flower is a beautiful bright pink, stalk like flower that resembles a burning flame.the perfect unique name for any flower lover who is also strong-will and empowered.



Meaning: Dolphin
Pronunciation: dehl-Feen

Delphines comes from the flower delphinium which is a beautiful deep purple flower with four spreading petals. It also gets its origins from the city of Delphi, which greeks used to call the “ Womb of the earth”.


Meaning: Pine Thistle
Pronunciation: IKS-ia

The lxia is a gorgeous flower related to the Iris. It has a big starlike petals and sword shaped leaves.

Though it doesn’t have a beautiful name meaning like many of the other names. Lxia is still a strong choice in its own right.



Meaning: Evergreen
Pronunciation: Kahl- mi-uh

The beautiful kalmia flower in bunches of cup shaped while petals on deep evergreen bushes. This name can symbolize togetherness and friendship.


Meaning: Purity and Patience
Pronunciation: Low-Tuss

The lotus represents beauty and purity, while it’s leaves represents spiritual awakening and the expanding of the soul. This name has significance in both hinduism and buddhism and is a beautiful choice for anyone looking for a name with spiritual connections.



Meaning: Cherry Blossom
Pronunciation: sa-Koo-rah

The sakura flower, generally called the cherry blossom, hails from the temperate regions of northeast asia. They symbolizes renewal and innocence.


Meaning: To Prick
Pronunciation: Thi-s-tle

It is a little knowns fact that Thistle is actually the part of the sunflower family. This national emblem of scotland is a sturdy flower with many petals. It symbolizes endurance, unity and



Meaning: Evergreen East Asian shrub
Pronunciation: kuh-meel-yuh


Meaning: pleasant-smelling flower
Pronunciation: rə-ʊz

This flower name doesn’t need much explanation, A rose is the sweetest scented flowers among others. Person with this name tend to be creative and have desire to inspire others.



Meaning: Lotus
Pronunciation: Reh-N

People with this name are leaders. They tend to be stay focused on specific goals, create innovative idea and have the potential to implement these ideas with determination and efficiency.

Rose mary

Meaning: Dew of the sea
Pronunciation: rōzˈmerˌē

Rosemary is a girl name meaning Dew of the sea. These people name know to express themselves often in acting, public speaking, writing, or singing. They respond positively to beautiful things.

These Are the most popular flower baby names blooming in popularity. These names can suit best with every taste and sensibility whether it’s modern or vintage.

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