Best Iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai

Best Iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan has started in June 2018 and has ended with Ramadan Eid in July 2018, the day of Eid that marks the end of this holy month.In the month of Ramadan, Muslims are not allowed to consume food or water between sunset and sunrise. But, at sunrise, the fasting is over after offering the Maghrib prayer. The family gathers together for a grand evening meal called as “Iftar”. Travellers and tourists should visit Dubai during Ramadan month to enjoy these best iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai with their families, friends, and colleagues.

Ramadan fast is broken with a date and a glass of water, followed by fruits, milk, and juices. Dates are one of the main food items to eat as it gives an instant energy after 16 hours of fast. Also, dates and milk are said to be the selected food item of prophet Muhammad to break his fast. So, today from simple dates to stuffed marrows we have listed the Best Iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai.

13 Best Iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai


Baklava is a sweet Turkish pastry made swirled with a dollop of rice and honey along with chopped nuts. In Dubai, it is available all year round in big superstores, however, the traditional form of it is accessible only during Ramadan.

Baklava - Best Iftar dishes in UAE


It’s a traditional dish as compared to a porridge, this food item consists of wheat slowly cooked along with chicken or lamb. It may not look much attractive than other iftar recipes but it is the high-energy delicacy to eat after a long day of fasting.


Malfouf is a simple stuffed cabbage roll consists of fillings made of bulgar wheat and rice. Some versions consist of a cabbage filled with a different variety of fillings especially that is made for Ramadan.

Malfouf - Best Iftar dishes in ubai


Harira is a kind of soup made from lentils, lamb, tomatoes, chickpeas, rice, onions, tomatoes, eggs, and herbs. The ingredients of harira are varied as per to the region. This soup is specially made during the Ramadan time or on some other special occasions.

Lamb ouzi

During the holy month of Ramadan, thousands of animals are sacrificed in the name of holy Allah, mostly for the consumption purpose. Lamb ouzi is one of the dishes that is made where the lamb is marinated in different types of spices, then stuffed with a gravy of spiced nuts and rice. Its a complete and heavy meal in itself, and is serving as the main course in Dubai as an iftar meal.

Lamb Ozi - Iftar dishes in Dubai

Kousa Mahshi

This dish is also known as stuffed marrows. It is a traditional Middle eastern delicacy where zucchini is stuffed well with rice or lamb. Its origin is still unclear. While in Syria, this recipe is garnished with garlic and mint, and Cypriots make use of marrow flowers for it’s stuffing.


Kunafeh is a delicious levanine sweet pastry made from flour, nabulsi cheese and water batter. Uit is served as dessert in UAE. It is considered as a high-energy dish for the fasting people who need the instant boost.

Kaunafeh - Best Iftar dishes in Dubai


It is a simple fish made up of fish fillets layers cooked in browned onions, spices and rice, during the holy month of Ramadan, this recipe is consumed as a main course by the fasting souls. It is extremely delicious and is especially made during the ramadan month for the fasting people so that they can eat delicious and stay healthy even after long hours of fasting.

Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a sweet dessert from is quite similar to a western bread pudding. It is made up of milk, coconut, wheat flake, as well as phyllo pastry, this dessert contains a high amount of calories however completely suggested during the fasting month.

Russian salad

Usually the iftar dishes offered to fasting souls are deep-fried and give a heavy vibe after eating but this fruity, light, creamy delight is not at all like that. Russian salad is the most popularly eaten salad all over Dubai as it’s fairly economical. It is extremely simple to prepare it’s fruity creamy flavor give ease in your stomach.

Chicken cheese pakora

Pakora’s are the main component of Dubai deep-fried snacks just like samosa, without them an iftar table is incomplete. Their fillings can be chicken, vegetables, pulses or minced beef..but among all chicken cheese pakora is best.

Best iftar dishes in Dubai


Parched stomachs and throats demand require fresh and healthy food that with rehydrating and nourish the fasting souls body. And stew is one of the best dishes to consume among all above mentioned. As it is packed with slow-releasing starchy vegetables and nutritious pulses.

Kepsa bel sanak

Seafood and salty fish are usually avoided during the month of Ramadan. The reason behind this is simple and for the good of fasters. It makes fasters thirsty. But, some buffets will feature it. A type of fish casserole or fragrant rice flavored with peppers and cumin. The dish has a unique Arabic flavor to them which included cold and hot mezze, and a wide range of kebabs.

After knowing the best Best Iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai, wait no more! try making these super-delicious recipes at your home.But whether you’re a foodie or not after knowing about these Best Iftar dishes for Ramadan in Dubai, you can’t stop yourself to try it once when you visit in Dubai during the Ramadan month.

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