7 Ideas to Plan the Perfect Birthday Surprise/Gifts in the UAE

7 Ideas for planning a birthday.
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We all consider birthdays as that special time of the year that is filled with lots of love,gifts and laughter. Birthdays are milestones and are a reminder of how far we have come in life. They call for grand celebrations and are a great reason to convey our underlying feeling of affection and appreciation to our friends and loved ones. Birthdays celebrate not only life but also the fact that how much we have grown as a person. Birthdays are the time to celebrate the momentous occasion, reflect, look ahead and give thanks.

Planning a birthday event for your friends and loved ones can be a complicated affair as you may have exhausted all your birthday gift ideas over the years. Are you out of ideas and have already gifted all the customary and conventional gifts to your loved ones? A surprise might work wonders. An unexpected birthday surprise may make your friends or loved one’s birthday a weighty and momentous occasion. Here are seven unique ideas to plan the perfect birthday surprise in UAE.

Midnight delivery of wishes:

Deliveries at the stroke of midnight

Cakes are synonymous with birthdays, and birthdays are considered incomplete without cutting the cake. Cakes make birthdays extra sweet and add to the revelry and romp of the birthday celebrations. Be the first one to wish and surprise your friends or loved ones through midnight delivery of cakes.

  • Midnight cakes are the best surprise gifts as they directly hit the pleasure receptors in the recipient’s mind. They get their dopamine flowing which makes them feel excited, elated, and appreciated.
  • Also, midnight cakes are a testament to the fact that you value and appreciate your loved ones and friends in your life. Midnight cake delivery is just a small gesture. Which showcases the effort you have put in to make their day special.

Birthday week countdown:

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Why limit birthday celebrations to just a single day when you can celebrate your loved one’s birthday for an entire week.

Start the countdown a week before the special day by gifting your loved ones every day till the birthday.

  • You can gift different sets of blooms based on the type, colour and preference every day that signifies or represents different feelings.
  • You can even gift your loved ones with their favourite chocolates or cakes every day of the week and remind them how special and sweet they are.

A gift basket:

A brown gift basket containing pink and red roses with snacks kept on a white blanket.

What better way to surprise your loved ones on their birthday than with a gift basket that contains an assortment of gifts.

Opening a gift basket is a thrill in itself and captivates the recipient’s interest and attention. A gift basket is many gifts bundled and elegantly wrapped into a single basket or a decorative case.

A gift basket is considered a wholesome gift as it is like opening many gifts and not just a single gift. They are easy to personalise based on the recipient’s preference and exude a personal touch. With many gifts, they are perfect for the ones who love surprises and are hard to appease.

A group wishes video:

An Elderly man at home during pandemic isolation having a birthday celebration, he blowing candles and has a conference call with friends and family

In these unprecedented times, it is difficult to be physically present on your loved one’s birthday due to social distancing norms induced by the pandemic.

  • A unique way to make up for your absence is to send a single video consisting of birthday wishes of the recipients’ near and dear ones. The video wishes of all the people who matter will leave your friend all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • You can send across exquisite flowers, which will make the video wishes extra special and will surely make your loved one’s birthday a memorable affair.

A scrapbook or a journal as a Gift:

A journal or a scrapbook as a birthday gift with yellow flowers

A scrapbook or a journal of memories is a sure shot way to make your friend overwhelmed with emotions and at a loss for words. Fill the scrapbook or the journal with pictures, notes, messages and wishes that send your loved ones down to a trip on memory lane.

Send them flowers whose ambrosial scent or chocolates whose flavours make them reminiscence an old memory and make them recollect old anecdotes and memoirs of their favourite incident.

Unexpected visits with Gifts:

A surprise visit by 3 friends with a plant as a gift
A point of view shot of a small group of friends arriving at a housewarming party, they have brought gifts for their host.

Though monetary gifts and presents do make birthdays a special and marked occasion, nothing can beat the presence of friends or loved ones on a birthday. An unexpected visit from a friend or a family member may be the best surprise gift you can get on your birthday.

To make the birthday more enthralling and remarkable, along with your visit, grab gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and cakes and make your loved one’s birthday a distinctive affair.

Organising a surprise birthday party:

A perfect birthday decoration filled with 3 bouquets of flowers and a glass vase full of flowers. With balloons in the background with a 50 numbered balloon

Throwing a surprise birthday party is a sure-shot way to get your loved ones excited and exhilarated. You can have a party theme and invite all your close friends. And can amp up the ambiance of the party by decorating the place with balloons, ribbons, and confetti.

You can order your loved one’s favourite cake and gift them their favourite flowers, which will not only titillate their taste buds but also to the visual and aesthetic appeal of the party.

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